Local Committee Members

A great way to get involved in the Moorestown Democrats is to contact your local committee members who represent your voting district. Each of Moorestown’s districts have two committee people: one female, one male. Not sure what voting district you’re in? Click here to view a map.

The complete list of committee members are below. Contact us at moorestowndems1682@gmail.com and we can help you get in touch with your party representatives. If there are no representatives or if there are vacancies, and you’re interested in pitching in, please contact us as well!


District Name
1 Male Tim Daniels
Female Lynn Schill
2 Male Jack Fairchild
Female Jamie Fairchild
3 Male Michael Connelly
Female Nicole Gillespie
4 Male
5 Male
Female Cindy Snyder
6 Male David Zipin
Female Cynthia Gentile
7 Male Ryan Vander Wielen
Female Michelle Jackson
8 Male Greg Newcomer
Female Kristen Babcock
9 Male
10 Male Bruce Alston
Female Kristine Piccola
11 Male Matthew Riggins
Female Bette Sanders
12 Male George Saponaro
Female Kimberly Little
13 Male Matthew Zinader
Female Deb Dellarosa
14 Male
Female Anne Kehart
15 Male Nicholas Repici
Female Melissa Lestini
16 Male John Khanlian
Female Claire Colflesh
17 Male Eric Deibler
Female Marla Deibler
18 Male Brian Donnelly
Female Melissa Burns
19 Male
20 Male Bob Gorman
Female Kate Gaskill